Jun 19 2017

AK CASC Alumna Accepts Postdoctoral Position at Tufts University

AK CASC's Alumna Fellow Yekaterina (Katia) Kontar has recently accepted a postdoctoral postion at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. Katia's research has focused on mitigating and adjusting to the risks that natural disasters pose to Arctic and Subarctic communities.

Though her work includes a focus on physical and climate science, Kontar comes from a background in strategic communication and social understanding. That being said, she has been recognized widely for her graduate work and potential as an early career scientist, including her selection to the international Arctic Frontiers Emerging Leaders Program in early 2015.

With Katia's new postion, she will further her research in the field of Arctic science and diplomacy.