Sep 3 2015

AK CASC Science Included in new Arctic Theme in the U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit

The Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center, along with NOAA, NASA, OSTP, and other agencies, provided scientific expertise for the newly released Arctic Theme in the U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit. The U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit is comprised of datasets and resources designed to facilitate resilience to climate impacts, and is part of the Obama Administration’s Climate Data Initiative (CDI).

The Arctic Theme was unveiled during President Obama's visit to Alaska and was announced by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell on September 2, 2015.

The Climate Resilience Toolkit’s Arctic Theme provides accessible background information on Arctic climate impacts and is comprised of more than 250 Arctic-related datasets and more than 40 maps, tools, and other resources. The effort aims to support climate-resilience efforts and help Arctic communities with climate change planning, adaptation and management.

Specifically, the AK CASC provided expertise on cryosphere impacts, including permafrost, melting glaciers, snow and ice. The Melting Glaciers, Snow, and Ice section includes information about how changing glaciers impact marine ecosystems from the Icefield to Ocean research conducted by AK CASC scientists. AK CASC scientists also contributed expertise on the ways changing ice impacts physical, biological, and social systems in Alaska. This section can be explored in more detail here.

AK CASC research on changing permafrost and landscapes was also referenced in the Permafrost and Arctic Landscapes section can be explored here.