Jan 21 2020

The Alaska CASC welcomes a new Communications Specialist

Mike DeLue

Mike DeLue, the new communications specialist for the AK CASC and SNAP.

Mike DeLue joins us a Science Communicator for the AK CASC and the Scenarios Network for Alaska & Arctic Planning (SNAP) based in Fairbanks.

He will be working alongside scientists to communicate their work to community partners and to engage the public in ongoing scientific research through press releases, social media, and the CASC website. He has specific communication skills in public presentation, audio & video editing, and mapping.

Mike’s background in communication has come from a broad background in leading dialogues and engaging directly with communities as well as working with radio, video and social media to increase engagement and promote partnership. He is excited about any opportunity to put that experience to work to support and grow the AK CASC.

Mike recently earned a Master of Science in International Disaster Management from the University of Manchester, looking at how community vulnerability impacts of Arctic maritime policy are measured.

Welcome, Mike!