Aug 28 2014

Alaska Climate Science Center and USGS scientists publish guidelines for the collection of water temperature data in Alaska

Along with USGS colleagues Ed Neal and Gary Solin, AK CASC and Alaska Science Center hydrologist Ryan Toohey has published a new USGS open file report, Guidelines for the Collection of Continuous Stream Water-Temperature Data in Alaska. Created in conjunction with the development of the Alaska Online Aquatic Temperature Site (AKOATS), this document is part of a series of products being developed with the Western Alaska Landscape Conservation Cooperative and the Alaska Natural Heritage Program aimed at creating an Alaska-wide stream and lake water temperature monitoring network. While based on USGS protocols, this document provides suggestions for the development and design of continuous stream water temperature monitoring sites with a discussion of concepts, procedures, and data management for other government agencies and non-governmental organizations conducting monitoring and research specifically within Alaska.

The full report and supplemental Information is available at the USGS website.