Sep 8 2015

Alaska Climate Science Center Prominent in President Obama’s Alaska Visit

Government officials, diplomats from around the world, and the President of the United States visited Alaska in late August and early September to discuss climate change in Alaska and the Arctic. The Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center administrators, scientists, fellows, and research projects were prominent throughout the special activities and events held around the state.

AK CASC University Director Scott Rupp and scientists Vladimir Romanovsky and Brad Griffith all spoke about their research during the Science Expo—a press conference and networking event preceding the GLACIER conference. Coordinated by the Alaska Ocean Observing System (AOOS) and chaired by the Hon. Fran Ulmer, Chair of the US Arctic Research Commission, over 75 people attended. Major news outlets were in attendance, and resulting news stories were published in the Alaska Dispatch News and Mashable.

AK CASC University Director Scott Rupp, AK CASC scientists John Walsh and Vladimir Romanovsky, and fellows Rick Lader, Simon Filhol, and Katia Kontar all met with John Holdren, Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, in Fairbanks. The participants of the roundtable, including the AK CASC fellows, shared information about themselves and their AK CASC research. Holdren also visited AK CASC scientist Eran Hood at the University of Alaska Southeast to discuss linkages between glaciers and ocean systems.

NOAA Administrator, Kathryn D. Sullivan met with AK CASC scientist Uma Bhatt and fellow Peter Bienieck during her visit to the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The meeting included discussions about the partnerships between wildfire management and climate and weather in Alaska.

In addition, AK CASC University Director Scott Rupp was invited to attend President Obama's closing remarks at the GLACIER conference.