Sep 22 2017

Alaska Hosts CASC All Hands Meeting

On September 11-15th, 2017, the Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center (CASC) hosted the 2017 CASC All Hands Meeting at the International Arctic Research Center on the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) campus. 

Host University and USGS directors from the North Central, Northeast, Northwest, Pacific Islands, South Central, Southeast and Southwest CASCs, and NCCWSC attended the meeting, along with several program coordinators/managers and communication specialists.

The meeting agenda included discussion of the federal budget and its implications for the CASC network, community and indigenous adaptation, engaging community partners, and the coproduction of research through the lens of the CASC network.

To introduce attendees to the unique aspects/challenges of studying the impacts of climate change on the landscape of Alaska, the Alaska CASC also hosted an ecodrought field trip to the Poker Flat Research Range, a tour of the CRREL permafrost tunnel, and a glacier field trip out of Anchorage.

Opportunities to increase our capacity as a network abounded with a Science Showcase at the UAF Museum of the North, and a poster session at Silver Gulch Brewery and Restaurant.

The 2018 CASC All Hands Meeting will be hosted by the Northeast CASC in Amherst, Massachusets in September, 2018.