Nov 15 2018

Citizen science snow project featured in Nature Climate Change

CSO co-founder Gabe Wolken collects snowpack observations.

The Community Snow Observations (CSO) citizen science project was featured in a Nature Climate Change Snapshot last monthAK CASC scientist Gabriel Wolken is a founding member of the CSO team, and presented the project at the 2018 International Snow Science Workshop in Innsbruck, Austria this fall.

The organization engages backcountry winter recreationists and professionals to collect snow depth data at a scale beyond what one team of researchers could achieve. In the two years since the project began, thousands of observations have been recorded across Alaska and the world. This observational data takes participants minutes to measure and requires only an avalanche probe and phone. In conjunction with detailed measurements taken by the CSO team, the data helps researchers improve climate and snowpack models. 

The crowd-sourced snow depth data is now available online for download.

Read the full article in Nature Climate Change.