May 3 2016

Job Opportunity: Science Communications Coordinator

You’re the scientist who knows that research shouldn’t be trapped in books. You understand that decision makers in a complex world do best when they can leverage the latest science. You can talk p-values and natural resources polices in the same sentence.

The Western Alaska Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) is looking for a scientist who excels in taking scientific results to new places. We need a team member who can link scientific findings to resource, land, or community management decisions as Alaskan communities and landscapes face new challenges from climate change.

This new GS-9 three year term position is co-funded by the Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service on behalf of the Western Alaska LCC. The person in this position will engage with principal investigators of projects sponsored by the LCC or the Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center to identify the key findings of their studies then produce a wide variety of materials to bring that information to decision makers and the interested public. This will involve developing an understanding of the decision maker needs along with the scientific projects and results. The work will be focused on coastal climate change throughout Alaska.

We are interested in candidates with biological (fish, wildlife, ecology, resource management etc.) or physical scientists (hydrology, oceanography, soils etc.) degrees. The position will be advertised in both GS-401 Biology and GS-1301 Physical Sciences professional series.

This three-year term position is funded through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and is located in the Regional Office in Anchorage, Alaska. A GS-9 position earns between $53,597.00 and $69,672.00 annually. Employees in term positions receive benefits.

The vacancy announcement for the Science Communications Coordinator, GS-0401/1301-09, is posted on USAJobs R7-16-1696086-ES

Applicants can also find the announcement by going to: and search by series, title, agency, etc.


The application period closes on May 19th.


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