Aug 3 2018

New AK CASC Communication Plan Developed

The AK CASC recently launched a five-year communication plan intended to guide AK CASC communication activities, identify target audiences, and keep track of progress throughout our current five-year hosting agreement. It is a living document that will be evaluated and updated as needed to incorporate new insights and approaches.

The plan was developed with guidance from a Communication Advisory Group consisting of stakeholders, resource managers, and collaborators pertinent to AK CASC research. With input from this group on the effectiveness and purpose of our communications and outreach efforts, the AK CASC will expand and improve communications around co-producing useful science, ensuring its relevance to management and policy decisions, and providing educational opportunities for better understanding and capacity for climate adaptation science.

At regular intervals, the plan will be revisited to determine success and assess the effectiveness of our efforts. To learn more, read the AK CASC Communication Plan in full.