Western Alaska Coastal Hazards

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Western Alaska Coastal Hazards and Stream and Lake Monitoring
Feb 2013

Coastal hazards, such as storm surges, erosion, and flooding, as well as coastal, stream, and lake processes, are very important factors that influence ecosystems in western Alaska. An analysis of coastal hazards and a monitoring program of streams and lakes are needed to provide a better understanding of how climate change will impact this region. This project will be implemented as a joint effort among the Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center (AK CASC), the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), and the Western Alaska Landscape Conservation Cooperative (WALCC). Science activities include the development of conceptual models of coastal processes and climate impacts in western Alaska and the production of a research-needs assessment that will guide WALCC and AK CASC efforts. The project also aims to model the relationship between stream and lake characteristics and ecosystem impacts and provide recommendations for the design and implementation of a stream and lake monitoring program for the Alaska region.