Glaciers and climate of the upper Susitna Basin, Alaska; supporting data

As part of a study for a proposed hydropower facility, the authors conducted extensive field observations in the Upper Susitna basin, a 13,289 kilometers squared (5,130 miles squared) glacierized catchment in central Alaska, in 2012–2014. This comprehensive data set includes meteorological, glacier mass balance, snow cover, and soil measurements. We also include digitized snow depth data from a set of similar observations collected in the 1980s. The data will be useful for hydrological and glaciological studies, including modeling efforts.
Bliss, A.K., Hock, R., Wolken, G.J., Whorton, E.N., Aubry-Wake, C., Braun, J., Gusmeroli, A., Harrison, W.D., Hoffman, A., Liljedahl, A.K., and Zhang, J.
Department of Natural Resources, Geological & Geophysical Surveys