Research Highlights

Man in hardhat among trees

Come late May in southeast Alaska, AK CASC scientists Eran Hood and Gabriel Wolken have something unexpected on their minds: snow.

A group of AK CASC-affiliated researchers has reached some important successes in their efforts to downscale past climate profiles in and around Alaska.

Nathan Kettle, a research associate working jointly with the Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center and Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy, is developing and evaluating processes to connect science and decision-making.

The Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center (AK CASC) recently met with Joanna Young, co-director and co-instructor for the Girls on Ice Alaska (GOI Alaska) program.

The Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center recently sat down for a short conversation with David McGuire, the Principal Investigator of the Integrated Ecosystem Model (IEM) project and Amy Breen, a project manager and research professor affiliated with the IEM project. We talked about the IEM project, its goals, and significance for studying and managing climate change in Alaska and Northwest Canada.