From Icefield to Ocean

"From Icefield to Ocean: Explore the many ways that glaciers influence Alaska's Coastal Ecosystems" is a 4-page publication that describes our current understanding of the interconnected icefield, stream, and ocean systems that are such a dominant feature of coastal Alaska. The publication describes the state of research on glaciers and icefields, glacier ecology, and the role that glaciers play in ocean processes. 

This publication is product of the March 2013 Juneau Glacier Workshop, which was an interdisciplinary effort to establish a system-wide understanding of glacier systems, including the implications of glacier change for resource management in the region. The workshop effort benefited greatly from strong participation by the North Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperative (NPLCC), as well as the Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center. A USGS technical report and peer-reviewed synthesis paper on the same subject are currently in preparation.

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