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USGS Director
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Dr. Stephen Gray is the USGS Director of the Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center, one of the eight regional centers that form the National and Regional Climate Adaptation Science Center network.

Dr. Gray previously served as the director of the University of Wyoming Water Resources Data System, a climatologist for the state of Wyoming, and an associate research scientist in the University of Wyoming Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering. In addition, he held adjunct faculty appointments in the University of Wyoming Program in Ecology and the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research at the University of Arizona.

Among other duties, Dr. Gray was a senior advisor to the University of Wyoming Environment and Natural Resource Program and the Wyoming Water Association. His work explored the interplay between climate variability, climatic change, and natural resource management. Much of his research focused on drought and climate change impacts in the western United States. His studies included a detailed examination of snowpack variability in the North American mountain ranges and a review of how changes in ocean circulation patterns affect precipitation in the West.

Dr. Gray received the American Water Resources Association’s Henry R. Boggess Award in 2005, and he is a former National Research Council Research Associate with the USGS. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Wyoming.


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